View Enhancement

Are your trees a little too much of a good thing? BW Timber Harvesting can provide much-needed view enhancement and view opening.

You may be delighted with your residential or commercial wooded lot in all sorts of ways – except where the view is concerned. Perhaps you can’t see the sheer glory of the scenery around you, or perhaps you wish you could just see more of it. Improving the aesthetics of your site can go a long way toward increasing both its perceived value to others and your own enjoyment of it. We’ve seen the value of a property nearly double when a view was opened up. Maybe you wish you could have grand, beautiful trees in place of the lesser specimens you’re currently looking at every day. This is where strategic view clearing comes into play – and you can rely on BW Timber Harvesting as your Vermont and New Hampshire view enhancement experts.

Selective Land Clearing and Tree Preservation Services

If you’re surrounded by a beautiful view that you literally can’t see because of the trees that block it, we can help. After studying the lay of the land and the aesthetic you’re hoping to establish, we can provide selective land clearing to open up the desired view. This doesn’t just involve removing trees; it also involves strategic planning for creating a beautiful new wooded landscape that permits more of a view than the previous selection of trees did. For instance, your view may be choked off by lots of small, relatively low-grade trees that do little to enhance the landscape. Clearing away these trees and replacing them with a smaller number of hardy, more valuable trees is a smart long-term strategy for securing more free space as well as a more attractive view. As you’d expect from any of our other services, you can expect a rewarding collaboration with BW Timber Harvesting throughout your view enhancement project. We will listen to your vision for your property, working closely with you to make sure we’re bringing that vision to life. Contact us today and let’s discuss the possibilities!

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