Professional Timber Harvesting

Need to protect the health, beauty and value of your wooded lot? Selective timber harvesting and thinning from BW Timber Harvesting.

If you have a garden, you wouldn’t dream of letting weeds dominate your flowers, fruits or vegetables, robbing them of the light and free space they need to thrive. The same holds true for your wooded lot, whether it’s part of a residential property, a commercial lot or a municipal development zone. Thinner, lower-quality trees act as “weeds” by choking and crowding the more desirable specimens, damaging their health and limiting their growth. Selective timber harvesting can help you maximize the value and well-being of your property – and BW Timber Harvesting is proud to provide this service for Vermont and New Hampshire landholders. 

Thinning your wooded lot responsibly is key to protecting your land investment, health and vitality of your property.

Thinning your wooded lot in a thoughtful, informed, responsible manner (as opposed to the haphazard “logging” of any and every tree in the area) does minimal harm to the land and the local ecosystem while giving your valuable trees a new lease on life. Better yet, the timber we harvest for you can be sold (as saw logs, firewood, pulp wood, wood chips, etc) as part of a long-term financial plan for investing in the future health and vitality of your property. Our selective tree harvesting process involves: 

Maintaining mature trees

Periodic cutting of mature trees can open up the canopy and allow more light to hit the ground, encouraging the next crop of valuable trees to spring up. 

Thinning out the “weeds”

Hemlock, beech, and other-low-grade trees are removed from the area so they can’t interfere with the optimal development of larger, more desirable trees. 

Careful scheduling

We evaluate your site and schedule for the optimal time to get the work done depending on your timeframe, land and weather conditions. We work all year.

Let BW Timber Harvesting help your woodlot “garden” grow. Contact us today about our selective timber harvesting services.

Have land with standing timber?

We walk your land and provide a free quote for land use planning and land clearing of standing timber.

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