Our Timber Harvesting Services

Your Land Is Your Investment – and BW Timber Harvesting Can Help It Thrive

Whether you’re interested in harvesting your timber for short-term profit or committed to long-term forest or woodlot management, BW Timber Harvesting can help you get the most value and enjoyment out of your land. Our company provides the following woodlot management and timber harvesting services for Vermont and New Hampshire clients:

Our timber harvesting services are equally valuable for individual homeowners, residential developers, commercial developers, and state/municipal agencies looking to build new roads or expand existing roads.

The Intelligent Approach to Tree Harvesting and Land Management

Removing trees without the proper planning or care can do far more harm than good to your property. BW Timber Harvesting takes your specific needs and goals into account, from immediate income to multi-year management. We offer 20-plus years of experience in evaluating forested land, preserving the “good” trees and weeding out the “bad” trees, with a zero-waste approach that makes use of 100 percent of the trees we harvest. Let us help you with:

Timber Revenue

Long term forestry management will yield income over many years; short term forestry management will bring you income now. It’s your choice!

Forest Regeneration

Forests need ground-level light to regrow. Forestry thinning or patch cutting allows light to reach the ground and start that next crop of trees.

Improved Timber Growth

Trees need room to expand. As the top “crown” of the trees grow outward, the stem grows – and so does your revenue! Selective removal of mature trees and low-grade “weed” trees provides extra space and light for your “crop” trees.

Meet the knowledgeable, responsible timber harvester your property needs. Explore this website to learn more – and then contact us to schedule our services!

Have land with standing timber?

We walk your land and provide a free quote for forest management, land clearing or standing timber value.

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